Whether your business is a movie theatre circuit, bowling alley, laser tag, go karts, or anything in between, driving guests through the front door is probably on the front of your mind most the time. Pricing, amenities, and the latest and greatest trend can help with foot traffic, but how those guests are treated once they are inside will make the difference between a one-off visit, or a loyal customer for years.

What would it mean to you to have an in-depth, accurate measure of how guests are treated in each location? Are your employees engaged with providing the best guest experience possible? Or are they busy checking their cell phones and just going through the motions? From the first impression when guests arrive, to whether they are given a departing comment, and all the fun…or not so fun…in between, we can help!

  • Movie Theaters
  • Bowling & Nightlife
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Event & Concert Venues

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