Congratulations are in order for Mr. John C Metz and our client, Marlow’s Tavern. This year’s Convention Chair at the National Restaurant Association Show is Atlanta’s own John C. Metz!  John has been involved in the food service industry for 30 years.  As reported by “John C. Metz, CEO, executive chef, and co-founder of Marlow’s Tavern, Aqua Blue, […]

This year we chose to support Autism Speaks with our Fall Fundraiser.  The final results are all in and we have our total! A Closer Look matched all of our mystery shoppers donations dollar for dollar, to reach a grand total of $7147.00! Thank you so much to all of our mystery shoppers who donated to […]

Our Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks closed at midnight on October 31st. We’re still counting up all of the donations and getting the exact amount tallied that ACL will be matching. As soon as we have our total we will be announcing it here! Thank you so much to all of our shoppers for helping […]

Happy Halloween! Everyone have a safe Halloween night!  Remember, we are still accepting donations through our Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks! Keep the mystery shopping and the donations coming until midnight tonight! A Closer Look is Matching the donations until the clock strikes 12! Today is the last day of our Mystery Shopping Fall Fundraiser for […]

Halloween is almost here! This means that we have a very short time left for our Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks. October 31st at midnight, we will stop accepting donations and our fundraiser will come to a close. Don’t forget!  Tell everyone you know to sign up to become a mystery shopper, do a mystery […]

We’re constantly researching customer loyalty, service, satisfaction and experience at A Closer look. We always need to know how to do more for our clients and their customers. Download our Restaurant Customer Loyalty White Paper, today. Even if you’re not in the restaurant industry, you are likely to find some helpful information in the results of our customer loyalty study.  There are […]

We’ve hit…. $7000! Our mystery shopping fall fundraiser for Autism Speaks ends October 31, 2014 at midnight. This is it- the last week that our shoppers can donate a portion (or all) of their shop reimbursement or bonus money to Autism Speaks through our fall fundraising event. Don’t Forget- until midnight, Halloween 2014 A Closer […]

Our Mystery Shopping Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks has passed the initial goal of $5000.oo!   Our mystery shopper’s donation combined with A Closer Look’s matching contribution has now hit $6074.72 total!  We only have a few days to go until the Fall Fundraiser ends. We’re accepting (and matching) our shoppers donations to Autism Speaks until midnight on […]

The MSPA’s (Mystery Shopping Providers Association – North America) Shopperfest 2014 begins tomorrow in Orlando, Florida at the Hilton Garden Suites. A Closer Look’s very own company president,  Chuck Paul will be presenting “Completing and Writing Restaurant Shops” alongside Adrienne Dobson of Customer Impact. Their talk will take place on Saturday, October 18th at 3:30 […]

What do you do when you hit your goal? You keep going, of course.  You reach beyond the target to exceed all expectations. We hit our fundraising goal, but we have a new goal.  At A Closer Look, our main goal is always to exceed expectations, and that’s what we will continue to do.