What We Do

How we can help

At A Closer Look, our mission is to help our clients understand and improve their customer experience through fact-based insights and recommendations. By collecting feedback and delivering detailed, time-sensitive reports, we help them address potential issues frequently and systematically – before they turn into headaches.

From the beginning of the customer journey, to the end, we help our clients:

Improve Social Media Brand Reputation

Leverage mystery shopping to pinpoint customer service issues that could adversely affect brand image. As these issues are addressed, social media presence will benefit from better reviews and more positive interactions.

Increase Sales Through Measured Engagement

Utilize on-going feedback to increase sales and boost the bottom line with a strategic focus on upselling, closing the sale, and appropriately following up with customers.

Replace Standard Surveys With Detailed Mystery Shopping Feedback

Say goodbye to repetitive, generic surveys that don’t provide enough information. Instead, learn what customers really think, and how they feel, with highly detailed mystery shopping reports.

Dive Deep Into Customer-Centric Data

Utilize data to tell the story of the customer journey. We’re experts in providing detailed, high quality narratives based on mystery shop feedback and analytics that help develop people and better the brand.

Get Ahead With Competitive Intelligence

Evaluate the competition and learn what can be done to differentiate from other similar brands.

Find out why we're the MSPA's most decorated Customer Experience and Mystery Shopping provider


Leverage mystery shopping to pinpoint customer service issues that could adversely affect brand image.

better customer experience feedback

We take time to understand our clients and their customers, and then we cross-reference our database of experienced mystery shoppers to find just the right fit for their secret shop assignments.

We are customer experience fanatics

We exist to help our clients understand their customer experience operations and to highlight friction points that erode brand loyalty and profitability.