From the initial impression made during the reservation booking all the way through checking out of the hotel, your guest experience is continuously being evaluated, and the slightest miscue can impact your guests’ decision to return to or recommend your hotel over your competitors.

With the increasing volume of lodging options out there, each hotel’s share of the market declines commensurably, and the best way to stay relevant is to provide a memorable guest experience that encourages loyalty.

One of the most useful tools used to measure the guest experience is collecting customer feedback, and it comes in many forms and degrees of usefulness:

Surveys are helpful for collecting large quantities of data points, but lack the detailed information that mystery shops provide

Online reviews are biased towards a particularly negative or positive experience whereas mystery shops are unbiased

Internal audits lack the customer’s viewpoint but mystery shops capture the operation in its natural state

Here's How A Closer Look's Hotel Clients use Mystery Shopping

  • Our clients use mystery shops to stay on top of their customers’ expectations, especially with competition from companies like Airbnb who disrupt the market.
  • Our clients use mystery shops to check key indicators of the guest experience and measure overall guest satisfaction.
  • Our clients use the mystery shops to rate specific areas of security and safety for their guests.
  • Mystery shops is a second set of eyes for our clients. The reports provide an overall score, highlight areas of success, and identify the highest-need areas at the hotel.
  • Mystery shops and analytics drive excellent performance on customer satisfaction, which has helped our clients to achieve guest satisfaction awards.
  • Our clients share mystery shop reports with their hotels. General Managers use the reports to incentivize line-level operation employees and make operational changes as needed.
  • Our clients use mystery shops to rate their General Managers’ performance for an annual company award competition.
  • Our clients use mystery shops to verify the feedback their receive from guest surveys.
  • Our clients use mystery shops as a complement to guest surveys, and the combination of mystery shops and surveys provides sufficient data to identify key operational issues.

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