Health and Hygiene Satisfaction

Customer sentiment is shifting from customer experience and Net Promoter Score to Health and Hygiene Satisfaction. For businesses to be successful, they must clearly demonstrate that locations are safe to visit and that they're taking the necessary measures to keep customers and employees safe. Building and maintaining the trust and confidence of customers will dramatically impact businesses' reputation, brand, and ultimately, financial success.

At A Closer Look, we have developed a three-pronged, 360 degree Health and Hygiene Satisfaction Program to help businesses consistently measure the execution of their health and hygiene procedures across all locations as well as identify areas for improvement.

Discreet Evaluations
With a national network of qualified, independently contracted evaluators, we discreetly measure your health and hygiene standards. We use a proprietary 15-point assessment designed to focus on compliance with the key health and hygiene processes recommended by the Federal and state government as well as associations for business re-opening.

Monitoring and Reporting
We rate each location on our Health and Hygiene Maturity Risk Matrix based on consistent execution of procedures, which correlates with a potential risk exposure. Our proprietary technology platform allows you to view each evaluation within 24-48 hours of completion. With a fast turnaround time on feedback and reporting, you can quickly identify problem areas to address, helping you align your training resources where they are most needed.

Customer Surveys
Utilizing our cost-effective texting platform, we send our proprietary health and hygiene satisfaction survey to your customers post their visit/purchase to efficiently collect critical feedback about their experience with your brand and your health and hygiene measures.

Here's How A Closer Look's Evaluation Process Works

First 90 Days
  • Evaluations conducted once a week at every location
  • Text surveys are sent to customers to get a baseline sentiment
  • Utilizing A Closer Look's proprietary Health and Hygiene Risk Matrix, a maturity level will be assigned and reviewed with you at the end of Phase 1
Day 91-120
  • Based on the maturity level in the Health and Hygiene Risk Matrix, we provide best-in-class recommendations on how to improve deficiencies
  • Following implementation of recommendations, we reassess the locations' maturity level on the Health and Hygiene and make corrections, as necessary
Day 120+
  • Monitor and follow-up on locations that continue to fall outside of optimal levels with low risk exposure on the Health and Hygiene Risk Matrix

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