Today, there are an unlimited number of entertainment options out there, and with such a competitive landscape, the best way to gain an advantage is to focus on being exceptional.

For this reason, it is critical that entertainment operators actively seek to “wow” their customers by providing unique and exceptional customer experiences.

One of the most useful tools used to measure the guest experience is collecting customer feedback, and it comes in many forms and degrees of usefulness:

Surveys are helpful for collecting large quantities of data points, but lack the detailed information that mystery shops provide

Online reviews are biased towards a particularly negative or positive experience whereas mystery shops are unbiased

Internal audits lack the customer’s viewpoint but mystery shops capture the operation in its natural state

Here's How A Closer Look's Entertainment Clients use Mystery Shopping

  • Our clients use mystery shops evaluate the service steps from an objective vantage point.
  • Mystery shops help our clients to maintain brand standards across their locations.
  • Mystery shops are a second set of eyes for our clients, and the reports provide information that their Executive Team, District Managers and Store-level Managers can use to drive change.
  • Our clients use mystery shops to measure the effectiveness of employee training and evaluate performance.
  • Mystery shops provide our clients with feedback on new programs and initiatives from an operational perspective and can help evaluate employee behavior changes during the roll-out.
  • Our clients use mystery shops on a project-by-project basis as a check-in for executional standards or to evaluate a new practice.
  • Mystery shops provide our clients with the depth of information needed to successfully introduce new products.
  • Mystery shops are our clients' preferred tool for collecting customer feedback because of the accuracy and depth of feedback.
  • Many of our clients use surveys in excess, but the number of questions asked and data that can be collected is limited. Mystery shopping is a much more detailed and thorough tool.
  • Our client suse mystery shops as a constructive tool, not a 'gotcha'.
  • Our clients distribute the mystery shops to their management team to use for positive reinforcement and coaching.

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