Please Be Advised

Scam Alert

We have been informed that individuals have been solicited by email, mail, text, LinkedIn or from a website that appears to be from 'A Closer Look' inviting them to become a mystery shopper. The person receives a package containing a check which is requested to be deposited into the bank, and then the person is instructed to purchase various gift cards to send back to the company and keep a small portion that's remaining from the original check for themselves. Please be assured that WE DO NOT SEND CHECKS prior to successful shop completion and are NOT participating in any type of evaluations that instruct you to deposit a check, purchase gift cards and send them back to us. If you received this type of communication, your safest course of action is NOT to respond to the solicitation nor to call the numbers listed in it. Do NOT deposit the check. If you receive any items in the mail, you should make a copy to present to the nearest law enforcement agency, State's Attorney's Office and to the United States Postal Service.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of this scam, please visit www.ftc.gov or call (877) 382-4357. Please also visit www.naag.org for a list of State's Attorney's offices and the USPS to report mail fraud. You may also file a complaint with your local police. Also, please visit the MSPA website to learn more: www.mysteryshop.org.