Our Reporting

A Closer Look Mystery Shopper Reporting
Ahhh…Reporting.  Our IT gurus are committed to providing you with the fresh and easy to use reporting tools our clients have called “Smart”, “Powerfully Illuminating” and “Not a bad way to spend a Sunday” (okay, someone did say that, but they’re a little off kilter). Whether you’re a GM reviewing a specific location’s performance, or a C-Level executive viewing the company at 30,000 feet…Our real-time reports deliver the insight you need to succeed!

Unlike the majority of our competitors, who use “one size fits all” software…Our Insight tm technology platform was built, and is continually perfected, based on feedback and input from our client-partners. Intuitive, simple to navigate and secure as Fort Knox, all levels of your management team will be able to quickly and efficiently review the data they need to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Finally, if you’d like to know how you stack up against your competition, we can help you there too…Just say the word and our team of scheduling elves will get busy working on your promotional shop right away!

Our Evaluators

We take the time to learn who your customers are, then we’ll cross reference our robust database of mystery evaluators to find just the right fit. Fully vetted and armed with all the knowledge required to thoroughly shop your place of business…Our shoppers are continuously monitored by our Quality Control Team…In fact, all of our reports go through a 18-point quality assurance process before being sent to you. Not 12 or 15…but 18 !!

Most Mystery Shopping companies will allow anyone with a computer to become a shopper…Not us! We test, then test again…then test some more to insure our evaluators are ready to gather the information critical to your operational success. Each shopper is “graded” after every report submission…and those who continue doing a great job get moved to the head of the class.

Ready to see for yourself? Simply request your complimentary promotional shop today and see why Our Evaluators make us different!

A Closer Look is a proud ELITE member of the Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association and our goal is always the same; care for our shoppers and they will care for our clients!

If you are a shopper and would like additional information pertaining to the mystery shopping industry; we encourage you to visit http://www.mspa-na.org/contractor

Our Expertise

Mystery shop reportingWe’ve been service fanatics for over 20 years and provide you with the focused consumer insights needed to keep your business flourishing.

With social technology platforms solidly entrenched as powerful reputation tools, it’s more important than ever to arm yourself with the timely data and details needed to keep you focused on what matters the most…your customers – always your customers!

Top 5 Ways ACL’s intelligent systems can help you Get Closer to success:

  • Improve Your Social Media Status (People will say great things about you publicly if you give them a reason to.)
  • Increase Your Sales Through Measured Engagement (Immediate and on-going feedback keeps you improving.)
  • Eliminate ‘Standard’ Surveys (You know, the ones that tell you what you already know.)
  • Dive Deep Into Customer-Centric Data (ACL’s analytics will help you better develop your people & your brand.)
  • Get Ahead With Competitive Intelligence (Shouldn’t you know where you stack up against your competition?)

Creating brand loyalty is the direct result of providing your customers with positive, memorable experiences. We develop intelligent and actionable systems with one goal in mind: To capture your customers’ experiences and then empower you with solutions to elevate those experiences beyond their expectations! Let us show you why Our Expertise makes us different by requesting your complimentary promotional shop today!

Did you know that we are also licensed to schedule and perform mystery shops in the state of Nevada?