Our Reporting

A Closer Look Mystery Shopper Reporting
Our sophisticated reporting tools and analytics accompany the highly detailed mystery shop reports that we provide to our clients, which allow us to pull out trends in the feedback and draw conclusions to help them improve their operational performance.

We provide our clients with periodic executive summary reports that breakdown trends in the feedback for all of their completed mystery shops for the period, as well as ongoing access to their online dashboard and reporting site, which houses historical data for their mystery shops throughout the tenure of their mystery shopping program partnership with A Closer Look. We can provide full administrative access to the site for all client program contacts and decision makers, as well as limited access to their district manager and unit level managers, so they can review the evaluations and feedback on the mystery shops that were conducted at the locations they manage.

Unlike the majority of our competitors who use a “one size fits all” platform for their dashboard and reporting site…A Closer Look’s Insight technology platform was built, and is continually perfected, based on feedback and input from our client-partners. Intuitive, sophisticated, easy to navigate and secure, our site provides our clients with the features and capabilities to measure their operation and improve customer satisfactions scores, so they can provide the best possible customer experience to their patrons.

Finally, if you’d like to know how you stack up against the competition, we can help you…Just let us know which location you would like shopped, and we will set up your complimentary mystery shop evaluation right away!

Our Evaluators

We take the time to learn who your customers are, then we’ll cross reference our robust database of mystery shoppers to find just the right fit for your secret shop assignment. Our mystery shoppers are continuously monitored and coached by our Quality Assurance Team, so they are the highest quality evaluators in the industry. Better mystery shoppers = better customer experience feedback.

Most mystery shopping companies will allow anyone with a computer to become a mystery shopper…but not us! We require applicants to pass a rigorous qualification process to insure our mystery shoppers are ready for each secret shop assignment, and that they are capable of making the necessary evaluations and reporting on the information critical to your operational success. Each mystery shopper is “graded” after every mystery shop report submission…and those who continue doing a great job are exposed to more secret shop assignments and opportunities for conducting evaluations.

Ready to see for yourself? Simply request your complimentary mystery shop evaluation today and see why mystery shoppers make us unique!

A Closer Look Mystery Shopping is a proud ELITE member of the Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association, and our goal is always the same: take care of our shoppers, and they will take great care in providing highly detailed mystery shop evaluations for our clients!

If you are a mystery shopper and would like additional information pertaining to the mystery shopping industry, we encourage you to visit  http://www.mspa-na.org/contractor

Our Expertise

Mystery shop reportingWe’ve been customer experience fanatics and mystery shopping experts for over 25 years, and we provide our clients with the focused operational insights needed to keep their business flourishing. We are experts in restaurant mystery shopping, hotel mystery shopping, retail mystery shopping and senior living mystery shopping, and our experience helping companies in each of those industries has resulted in their overall improvement, growth, and success.

With social technology platforms solidly entrenched as powerful reputation tools, it’s more important than ever to arm yourself with the timely data and customer feedback needed to keep you focused on what matters the most…your customer experience!

Top 5 Ways ACL’s intelligent systems can help you maintain success:

  • Improve Your Social Media Status (Mystery shopping will help you improve your customer service, which will help you improve your social media reviews)
  • Increase Your Sales Through Measured Engagement (On-going feedback helps you focus on upselling, closing the sale, and appropriate follow up with clients, which will increase sales and the bottom line)
  • Eliminate ‘Standard’ Surveys (Surveys can be light on details and highly repetitive – this type of information is best used as a complement to highly detailed customer experience feedback through mystery shopping)
  • Dive Deep Into Customer-Centric Data (A Closer Look’s mystery shop feedback and analytics will help you better develop your people and your brand)
  • Get Ahead With Competitive Intelligence (Mystery shop the competition so you know how you stack up against it)

Creating brand loyalty is the direct result of providing your customers with positive, memorable experiences. We develop intelligent and actionable systems with one goal in mind: To capture your customer experiences and then empower you with solutions to elevate those experiences beyond their expectations! Let us show you why our expertise makes us different by requesting your complimentary mystery shop evaluation today!

Did you know that we are also licensed to schedule and perform mystery shops in the state of Nevada?