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To become a mystery (or secret) shopper in most states requires no special training or licensing, and anyone can be a mystery shopper in those states. However, this is not true for the state of Nevada.

To perform mystery shops in Nevada a mystery shopper must be an employee of a licensed private investigator (no independent contractors.) In addition to this employment status, a mystery shopper must also obtain a work permit from the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. There are approximately $120 in costs associated with the work card and required fingerprinting process.  People with felony convictions or weapons violations need not apply.

Do you have business locations in Nevada that you would like to have mystery shopped? If so, Nevada law is quite specific.  Nevada businesses who wish to hire a mystery shopping service must hire a mystery shopping provider who is a licensed private investigator in Nevada. A Closer Look, Inc. possesses Nevada PI license # 1569 and is the premiere mystery shopping provider in Nevada.

A Closer Look, Inc.
Nevada PI license # 1569
325 S. Third St. Suite 21
Las Vegas, NV 89101.
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Are you a mystery shopper from outside Nevada that would like to pick up a few mystery shops when visiting Nevada? Nevada law will not allow you to do this without you having fulfilled the same requirements of people who live in the state. Out-of-state residents must obtain a work permit from the PILB (and pay the required fees) before being employed by a Nevada licensed firm.

Give us a call for additional information regarding mystery shopping Nevada locations. You may contact Chuck Kenerson at or call direct at (678) 209-0191. Our Nevada office is located at 325 S. Third St., Suite 21, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

A Closer Look, Inc. Is also pleased to announce that we will be conducting shops for other mystery shopping companies who are not licensed to do business in Nevada.  As an out-of-state, unlicensed mystery shopping provider, you have probably realized that you have very few options when selecting a company to partner with in Nevada. So, if you have clients in Nevada that require attention, or you are unsatisfied with your current Nevada provider, you now have another great option. Take a closer look at A Closer Look, Inc.! We have hundreds of highly qualified mystery shoppers throughout Nevada, including some of those remote, difficult to get to locations. Selecting A Closer Look, Inc. Gives you access to many of the best schedulers, editors and project managers in the mystery shopping industry. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Chuck Kenerson at or direct at (678) 209-0191.

If you are a business decision maker with business locations in Nevada, please call us, or fill in the form below and we will reach out to you as quickly as possible.