Meet Lisa Kacena-Grell, of A Closer Look mystery shopping company, at NRA 2015 Conference Booth #8240

Soon, the team from A Closer Look will be off to Chicago’s McCormick Place for the 2015 NRA Show.

This is the perfect time to arrange a complimentary mystery shop of one of your restaurant locations. Reach out to us through this page or call us at 1-888-446-5665. Mystery shopping now can help make the NRA conference even more valuable to your business. Now is the time to find out exactly what is happening in your restaurant.

We mystery shop many different types of restaurants and bars. Not all restaurant concepts are the same and not all shops are the same.  Additionally, we help you get the answers to the questions that you need to have answered, in the way you need them answered. Sometimes answers like “5, on a scale of one to ten.” simply don’t provide enough information for you to use to make useful business decisions.

We can help you get detailed answers to all sorts of questions about your restaurant locations.

  • Are your company wide best practices being followed?
    • How so?
    • Why not?
  • Are your customers receiving the service that you’ve promised?
    • “I asked why my meal was taking so long. The server said, ‘I’ll get that right out to you!’ The server disappeared and then returned 10 minutes later at 7:28 pm with part of my meal. I was told that my salad would take another 10 minutes to arrive at my table.
    • We entered the restaurant at approximately 1:15 pm. As of 1:30 pm we had been greeted by two separate people appearing to be managers. One named Tom and one named Sandra.  Both Tom and Sandra told us “Someone will be with you shortly.” By 1:45 we had not been asked the number in our party, we had not been offered a table and no one had taken our name and offered information on seating. We exited the restaurant without receiving service at 1:58 PM.
  • Is the food quality level where it should be?
    • My Caesar salad arrived on a cold plate within 7 minutes of placing my order. The lettuce was fresh and I could tell that the salad had probably been tossed-to-order as the dressing was not weighing down the lettuce. I’m glad to report that both the lettuce and the bread for the croutons appeared to have been hand torn. The croutons are made in the restaurant, as advertised.
    • I ordered a crispy thin pizza crust and was glad to see the pizza arrive at the table, exactly as ordered.  I lifted the pizza edge to be sure that the pizza crust texture was consistent throughout the pizza, it was.

Mystery Shopping can answer these questions and many more.  Find out what you need to know about your business by having a complimentary mystery shop performed.

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