handOver the years, A Closer Look has made concerted efforts to give back to the communities that have so greatly supported us. Because of our dedication to this belief in community support, twice a year, during the Spring & Fall, we focus our efforts on raising funds for worthwhile charities in need of our help. The selected charity for September and October shops was Cure Childhood Cancer.

We finished our 2 month campaign to raise funds for “Cure Childhood Cancer” at $4217.35 (that includes the generous contributions from our shoppers and ACL’s match)…A Closer Look decided to add an additional $782.65 bringing our total to $5000!!

For more information, visit Cure Childhood Cancer  cure-childhood-cancer-logo

The following was submitted by an A Closer Look Editor Coordinator:


Olivia’s Story  

On September 10, 2014, my niece, Olivia, was diagnosed with leukemia — she was 3½ years old. Her oncologists and the staff at HealthPark Medical Center started treatment just three days later. They had to in order to save Olivia’s life. The doctors are following the John Hopkins protocol.

Olivia has been through a lot and has had to deal with several complications. One such incident occurred when her blood count got dangerously low. Blood dripped behind her eye, and when it dried, it tore her retina. Olivia was taken to her regular pediatrician who told her scared mother and father that she had the flu. He sent her home. The next day Olivia vomited and blacked out. My sister and her husband took Olivia to the emergency room. Olivia was then correctly diagnosed with the low blood count and her parents were told had they not brought her in then, she would have passed away in her sleep. She received a blood transfusion and woke up 10 minutes later. My sister is a firm believer and tells everyone the importance of donating blood.

Currently, Olivia is in cycle 6 out of 7 in the phase her doctors call long-term maintenance. These phases include a lot of blood work and procedures that are difficult for Olivia as well as being traumatic for her family. Many months have passed and still a few more months to go before the phases are complete.

Olivia returned to school on August 22nd and is doing everything a normal child her age can do under the circumstances. She is fragile but such a joy and inspiration.

Without further research, childhood cancer will go on. We need to band together and help raise awareness and money, so children like Olivia are not suffering or being taken from their families by this horrible scourge. Cancer has robbed her of so much already, but it will not rob her of her life. I want to make sure every child who is diagnosed with cancer can say the same thing.

Thank you!