How can I increase my average monthly occupancy percentage? How can I increase sales by converting more prospective business into signed leases? What do I need to do in order for my business to be more successful?

The answer to these questions begins with determining what areas of your operation need improvement in order to achieve these goals…that’s where mystery shopping comes in. The purpose of mystery shopping is to collect customer feedback by having trained mystery shoppers go undercover as prospective tenants in order to measure your employees’ sales skills, customer service, and any other company standards you are looking to measure. Once you have feedback on where opportunities exist, you can easily improve your operation.

  • Self-Storage Management Companies
  • Apartments Management Companies
  • Parking Management Companies

In a research study that took place over the past year, A Closer Look conducted mystery shops at 100 different storage concepts using the same criteria for measurement.  Some of the biggest opportunities we found for improving closing rates are highlighted based on sales associates’ execution:

71% explained the features and benefits.

68% offered a tour of the facility without being asked.

58% attempted to upsell products/services.

44% asked for the prospective customers’ name and using it in conversation.

40%  collected prospective customers’ contact information.

22% of the time were associates performed a follow-up call or email to prospective customers within 48 hours.

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