Hotel Mystery Shopping to Measure Guest Experience

Hotel Mystery Shopping to measure guest experience

Hotel Mystery Shopping by A Closer Look

Mystery shopping is a great way to measure guest experience. Your customers are not just your guests…your client’s satisfaction is always on the front of your mind. Your owners and investment management companies trust you with operating a top notch property, providing guest experiences that will retain and drive brand loyalty, and continuing to provide a dependable revenue stream.  Partnering with A Closer Look Mystery Shopping sends a powerful message to your owners – that your pursuit of excellence includes having an expert and objective feedback company measure your hotel staff’s execution of brand standards.  In an increasing competitive market, A Closer Look’s ongoing mystery shopping and guest experience evaluations offer the opportunity to set your company apart from your competition.

Don’t wait to act until it’s too late, and your guests air their grievances for all the online world to see. A Closer Look’s mystery shopping service empowers your company to proactively search for areas of opportunity before they become this week’s viral hotel experience nightmare.

A Closer Look’s mystery shopping services will improve your hotel’s Guest Satisfaction Scores and the online reputation of your portfolio.

The feedback from social media outlets and post check-out surveys is too often vague and generic for any real remedial action. Arm your GMs with actionable, objective feedback…intelligence that will enable them to actually change specific behaviors or patterns.

Internal visits from regional management simply do not replicate a true guest experience. A Closer Look’s mystery shops give you detailed and timely intelligence from an authentic guest perspective – information that can ONLY be attained through an unannounced and anonymous source.

A hotel mystery shopping program will encourage staff to provide every guest with the highest levels of customer service.

It’s not just a ‘gotcha’ for poor performance – use the positive information to celebrate successes by rewarding employees who excel… “Catch” them doing a great job!