Happy Halloween! Everyone have a safe Halloween night!  Remember, we are still accepting donations through our Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks! Keep the mystery shopping and the donations coming until midnight tonight! A Closer Look is Matching the donations until the clock strikes 12!

Today is the last day of our Mystery Shopping Fall Fundraiser for Autism Speaks and we’ve got A lovely way to end it. We received an awfully nice email from one of our awesome shoppers.  Here’s what she had to say:  (We removed some parts of the email for privacy reasons, but it’s still a wonderful email !)

Dear Team Members of A-Closer-Look,
 I just submitted my first report for my first shop last night at #####.  I would like to thank you for offering to match a donation to Autism Research from the reimbursement to the shop.
 I actually had written in my report that my five-year old was diagnosed with autism in the recent past.  We enjoyed our trip to ##### , because I can feel confident in our ability to make sure that he doesn't escape from the facility when he feels overwhelmed.  Thank you very much for bringing shoppers' attention to this important aspect of research to allow families like mine to understand this disability.  Thank you again!

Thank YOU for taking part in our fundraiser! Be sure to check in with us on Monday to see how much money was raised for Autism Speaks!