During the months of September and October of 2014, A Closer Look will be matching our mystery shoppers’ donations to Autism Speaks. Now through October 2014, when one of our shoppers selects the option to donate part (or all) of their shop reimbursement or bonus to Autism Speaks, we will match their donation. Donation increments […]

It’s time to get ready for MYSTERY SHOPPERFEST 2014! October 17th – 19th, 2014 SHOPPERFEST 2014 is a conference for Mystery Shoppers held by the MSPA of North America. Shopperfest 2014 is a great opportunity to network with other mystery shoppers and learn about the mystery shopping industry.  There will be many mystery shoppers and […]

Did you know that A Closer Look has provided Guest Feedback services for 23 of the Top 50 Full Service Restaurant companies on this list? FSR has just announced the Top 50 Full Service Restaurants of 2014 on their website! We’d like to extend our kindest wishes and congratulate all of these companies on a job well done.  […]

Social media is everywhere, at all times. Sometimes a business may have stellar reviews in social media circles, but those reviews do not always show the whole picture. On the other hand, a business can occasionally receive negative social media reviews and comments that could even be unwarranted. There’s only one way to be sure […]

Blogging and Mystery Shopping Greetings, and welcome to the first blog post at A Closer Look! We decided to kick off our blog by letting you know how and why we are here.  If you know anything about us, you know we are customer service addicts, but how did we get here?  Why do we do […]