Become a Mystery Shopper for the best mystery shopping company!Do you want to become a mystery shopper for a top mystery shopping company?

  • Would you like to eat at your favorite restaurants for free?
  • Do you enjoy trying new restaurants, hotels, retail stores and grocery stores?
  • Would you like to help companies do a better job of serving you, as well as their other customers?
  • Are you able to provide clear and detailed feedback about your experiences?

Become a mystery shopper for A Closer Look mystery shopping company, by applying here, today.

We are proud members of the MSPA and our goal is always the same, care for our clients, our shoppers and our client’s clients!

A Closer Look has been an active mystery shopping company since 1994. We put our mystery shopping expertise and experience to work for numerous clients in a myriad of industries all across North America.

The mystery shopper application process is simple.

  1. Visit our application page.
  2. Follow the instructions.

Once you’re approved to mystery shop for A Closer Look, you will have a login and password that allow you to choose the shops that match your availability and location! That’s right, we don’t tell you where you must mystery shop. You choose the shops that appeal to you.

Apply today  and you could be performing your first mystery shop within a few hours!

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